Saturday, September 24, 2011

missing justice by alafair burke

Deputy District Attorney Samantha Kincaid is back at work after an attempt on her life and a promotion into the Major Crime Unit.When the husband of Portland,Oregon,city judge Clarissa Easterbrook reports his wife missing and Samantha is called out on the case,she assumes her only job is to make the district attorney look good until the judge turns up.When the police discover the evidence of foul play,however,Samantha finds herself unearthing secrets in Clarissa's professional and private lives-secrets that not only Clarissa,but others,wanted to stay hidden.
The police department is committed to building a case against the man they believe is responsible,but Samantha continues to pursue an investigation into her own unanswered questions.When her search for the truth leads her to corruption at the highest levels of the city's power structure and the lingering personal tolls of a crime that occurred decades ago,Samantha realizes that her quest for justice could cost her not only her job but her life.

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